Hamilton Wood Type Museum

Recently, I made arrangements to volunteer my services to the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. I wanted to try my hand at some environmental portraits and thought that would be an awesome location to to showcase, plus it helps a cool organization to keep the art of print alive (something I have a deep affection for).

I was super happy with the results of my time there and I wanted to share some of the images I made. The volunteers are truly awesome people and making their portrait was super fun. In addition I really love adding more of the environment to complete the story of the image. Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy the images!!



Skatepark Editorial

Models: Elizabeth Twenge & Melissa Bader

Styling: Che Correa and Maddie Mansell

Hair/Mua: Maddie Mansell

Assist: Benjamin Jordan

IMG_7297-Edit IMG_7327 IMG_7405 IMG_7427 IMG_7489-Edit IMG_7560-Edit