Deseos de la Carne {Desires of the Flesh}

So, again…it’s been a long time since I posted anything. It could be because I am mostly on facebook wasting time…something’s gotta change. But that’s a completely different blog post. so, now onto the reason why I’m here.

About a year or so ago, I was browsing Deviant Art and came across a fantastic image of a priest. It was a black and white image and it was powerful. Heavy contrast, the priest’s face contorted into a painful scream, it was an image that immediately spoke to me due to religion’s heavy involvement in my upbringing. I continued on my search for absolutely nothing or perhaps some inspiration and came across an image of a lady of the night, a dominatrix. This image also called out to me due to pleasure being such a taboo subject still to this day in our society. I thought to myself…why aren’t these images together. One can easily lead to the other. Then it came to me, the story of a man of god, a man who gave his life for the divine…is still of man of flesh and bones. Therefore is still susceptible to the temptations of the flesh. And so the concept was created. It took me a long time to bring this concept to life. My friend Jen Rye asked me while we were at coffee to make her photo, but she wanted to do something completely out of the norm for her and I thought she would then be the perfect candidate for my lady of the night. Nevertheless, the concept slept…for months and months….until now. I was not going to release these images, because I was going to submit them for publication, but something inside me changed my mind….and so here they are. These images are like nothing I have ever created…they don’t look anything like me. And maybe that’s a good thing, because it means I’m growing and developing, which is something I always yearn to do. They are, however, exactly like I had envisioned them. And thank you to Rock Garden Studios in Appleton for allowing me to use the studio! Greatly appreciated!
Priest: Reagan Collett
Dominatrix: Jennifer Rye
Hair/MUA: Kyra Wiest

Desires of the Flesh _MG_0054-Edit 8.5 x 11


_MG_0066-Edit 8.5 x 11

_MG_0084-Edit 8.5 x 11



  1. musingsoftheamusingmuse · March 16, 2013

    Great set, Che! Reagan and Jen did a great job, as did you!

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