One more year of life and wiser for it…?

Well. Another year of my life gone by…and I have learned so many things…I have lived to the best of my abilities, I have stood up for myself and what I believe and I feel I am a stronger person for it. Now, I feel it’s time to go back…back to simpler things in life…to being happy and joyful no matter what the world thinks or nay Sayers might say. I shall go back to being a ray of sunshine and happiness. Because everything in my life is where it’s supposed to be.

I watched “Fur” last night. A movie about Diane Arbus, who’s work I admire and inspires me so much. She made an impact in the world without using such technology like we have today! She was different. I want to be different and bring a different perspective into photography. I am surrounded by so many fashion photographers that do such amazing work that I have let myself become distracted from my objective.

When I first came into this world, I used to say “I don’t shoot pretty” but the shininess and glitter has blinded me. I want to shoot the TRUTH. As ugly and twisted as that might be. So, I must go disarm myself, I must win this struggle, must regain control of my path and do what I came here to do.


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  1. kurt crummy · October 5, 2011

    Happy Birthday

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