Confessions of a Facebook Addict {Day 1}

ok…I’ve checked my facebook once today….

I went for a run this morning and while running, I was thinking of all the things I could say on my status update: “what a beautiful morning”; “went for a run today with my friend Gigi, it was fantastic”; “I’m checking my facebook…..again”. That got me thinking, “I seriously have a problem!!!!” How could it be possible that out of all the things I could possibly think about, such as the endless list of things I have to do to get ready for my first Art show tomorrow, or the homework that has yet to be completed, I think about facebook and what I could be posting?!!! Wow….how did I get this way? I used to have a life. This makes me want to go back to the beginning…cue the flashback……

It started with myspace…but there was something about myspace that did not swallow you hole and shattered your life…nobody knows what it was…then came facebook…The news feed v.1, the capabilities of having hundreds of your pics posted, the finding old high school friends from anywhere in the world and catching up with them…OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!! I was hooked. I started my photography business and made lots of photographer friends and colleagues, and facebook became my primary tool for staying “in” with all the events taking place, checking out all the projects everyone else was working on, and marketing my own work. Everything was going great….until IT happened.

I started checking facebook every 5 minutes, I downloaded it into my phone, my ipad, and accessed it every chance I got; at work, at home, before bed, right when I woke up. It was no longer the “internet”, it was now facebook. It became the thing to do when I was bored or to take a break from work, the place to connect with everyone I met. I no longer asked if someone had an email, I asked if they had a facebook page. I stated using the “it’s my page, I’ll post what I want” excuse to be blunt about certain issues, not caring how it might change people’s perceptions of me. I got into fights with my family over things I posted on facebook, I lost “friends” over opinions and didn’t care. Because for every friend I lost, there was 5 other people requesting to be my “friend”. The amount of “friends” on my page became critical to how popular I was, and if someone de-friended me it really hurt my feelings. I started posting everything from what music was playing on my ipod at the moment, to deep personal issues that should have been kept private. Facebook had me. It had me sooo deep in its grasps I was no longer myself, I had no filter…I could say anything I wanted to from the comfort of my home and not have any lingering consequences, after all “it was only facebook”. So many things happen there, that my outburst of personal information or the passive aggressive comment I made about someone else will get pushed down on the news feed and everyone will forget…..

I’ve lost control…I’ve lost total control over my time, my priorities and my sanity. I’m addicted..totally addicted to the thing that is “social networking”. I need to come back….I need to regain my life and stop sitting by the computer just looking at what everyone else is doing and start enjoying life again. Start living it…so what if I don’t post a play by play of everything I do during the day??!! Who’s really all that interested?! So, I’m giving myself 30 days…

30 days to come back to myself…limiting my use to photography related matters only (cause I accept, facebook has helped my business in a way that I never thought possible), but in that same breath, so many other photographers have a successful business without the constant facebooking. So, within that 30 days I will develop a marketing strategy of other means. Using other areas of the internet (which I can’t even remember what they were) and direct marketing to help my exposure and gather new clients. I will be blogging about the 30 day journey throughout and just like I stopped smoking, I will stop this monster and keep it under chains to where it benefits me, but is not out of control. I accept my own challenge…..



  1. musingsoftheamusingmuse · September 23, 2011

    I concur! Since the new layout – it’s been easier to back away.

  2. Katie A. Taylor · September 23, 2011

    Well, I must say, I feel like I just entered a support group. As I read this I had 2 accounts of facebook open and was probably checking them every 5 min or so…(you know it’s bad when you get annoyed that people are posting anything…) I have known for some time that I need to back away, but as a person that thrives on personal interaction (be it online or in person) I can’t stand sitting at my job in a cube with no interaction whatsoever. 😦 You are right however, other ventures in marketing can’t be forgotten. It’s so easy to do when social media rules your life. So….step 1. I’ve closed both browsers showing my fb accounts. 🙂 good luck to you in your challenge!

  3. Nixy Morales · September 24, 2011

    Damn girl, you can WRITE too! Such prose, such passion. Love it but you know, I’m close to that obsession too. Twitter & Facebook are amazing.


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