New Journey

A new year’s beginning and with it, the possibility of many endeavors. I’ve been working on my photography resume and although I don’t have a lot of education yet, I do have a couple of freelance photographer’s assistant jobs and one secondary shooter, an unpaid internship, several photographic events (that I don’t even know if it’s allowed to add those or not, but they are going on there), joining several photography groups in the GB area, school and other miscellaneous things. One of the most important ones of those miscellaneous is that I am officially a published photographer!! I was so excited!! My photograph will be displayed as the month of February in calendars all over Wisconsin and some other states. It may be small for some, but for me that’s a huge accomplishment. I think I have gotten a lot of stuff done. So, during the holidays, other than reading “Starting your career as a freelance photographer”

I haven’t done much else. But I figure, I just finished my class this semester (with an “A”, I might add!!) and it’s the holidays and all…I deserve a little tiny break.

Another accomplishment is that Facebook has become strickly a business networking tool. With my personal page, I felt like it consumed all of my time and during the holidays decided to give it up completely. But, recently I received my first issue of Professional Photographer’s magazine and most of their articles mentioned the magic of Facebook and how it can really help your business grow. So, I decided to come back, but only on a business level. I feel a lot more confident about my usage and how it will benefit me in the long run to have a Facebook page.

While I was working on my photographer’s resume, I thought it would be a good idea and possibly help some people out to post, where I had gotten my template and discuss some of the highlights of it. I found a template for a photographer’s resume online at the following location: It’s a microsoft template and I find that most of those templates work quite well for me. One of the details I noticed about this template is that they lump all the photography experience under one job. I find this to be extremely helpful for a beginner such as myself, because my experience is limited, so I don’t want to divide it, as it wouldn’t really fill even half the page. (LOL) Another detail I found important to point out is the Exhibits portion of the resume. My work is currently being shown in weird places, like the cafeteria at NWTC in Green Bay (I’m not by any means demeaning this display) but it’s not print, it’s an LCD tv in the cafeteria displaying the work of students, and although it provides me with exposure, it’s not something I want to add to my resume. So, I think I may replace this area with publications, or events participated in, or something to that effect. Something that will juice it up a little bit.

Also, I wanted to put down on paper some thoughts about my technique when it came to shooting. (it really does help me out to see it all in writing). I’ve been going through some of the shots taken during the summer of 2010 and found that in most shots my ISO was pretty high… What possessed me to be okay with that? I’m not quite sure. But, in review, I feel that it’s necessary to study these shots and find how I can improve to minimize the use of ISO while maintaining a correct exposure with my aperture and shutter. It is my understanding that increasing the ISO should be the last “resort” when it comes to obtaining a correct exposure.
Thinking about the kind of shot you are looking to get, then using your aperture and shutter to achieve the look you are going for, should be primary. If that combination does not work and you are set that is the look you want (thinking about depth of field, or whether you want to stop action, or show action using the shutter and the amount of light the scene has), then the increasing the ISO would be the most logical thing to do… If you are not so convinced that is the shutter/aperture combination that would look the best, then you can change it to achieve a different look.

This is pretty easy to understand, no? Well, it seems that in the heat of the moment, I can’t think straight, models are waiting, I get discombobulated and I forget everything that I’ve learned. In there lies the reason I currently prefer to shoot still life or landscapes… I can take my time, focus on what I want to portray, choose different angles, and really focus on my exposure. Now, If I traveled the world or even the state, this would be an area that would be beneficial for me to stay in, but I don’t travel (at least, not yet) and I’ve exhausted everything within a 50-75 mile radius (approx.), so I have to get used to taking portraits. At the beginning, I know I’ll still be on the slower sides with my settings, but the more I shoot, the better I have to get, right??

Let’s look at an example:

Exposure info:

shutter speed: 1/400
aperture: f/8
ISO: 1000

With the shutter and aperture combination I feel that there’s plenty of room to lower the shutter speed and maybe lower the ISO as well. I am a lot more conscious now a days and looking back at my work throughout the summer, to maintain my ISO lower and primary use my shutter and aperture to get the look I want.



  1. Laurie K · December 15, 2011

    You are a very talented person with a wonder and fun future ahead of you… best of wishes with your endeavors!

    Laurie K

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