Another week…the year’s almost over!!

Another week has begun and I’m back in the office…greeting people, taking calls and making money so I can pay the rent…However, I feel different this week…I truly feel like I’ve made advances in my career and this “day job” truly feels like a temporary stepping stone that’s going to help me get to where I WANT to be. The weekend was quite good, I must say. On Friday, I acted in a commercial (I do several here and there as an extra source of income) and it went pretty well. In addition, I finally got to see one of the many commercials I have been on, which was pretty cool to see myself on the TV. I should probably post it here, but I don’t know if I’ll be any copyright laws or whatever…so I’ll have to ask before I post anything. However, I think it would be fun to post!!

Saturday was such a huge step for me…not only did I get my first paying job as a photographer, I learned SOOOOOO much!! The ladies I was with are truly amazing photographers who have an immense amount of knowledge and who I can stand to learn lots from. At one point I had received so much information I was on overload…but the beauty of it all was that there was barely any pressure!! Solid GOLD!! I had such a great time at the wedding…and I got some decent shots…so I was pleased. Of course as I continue to learn, I will be expecting more out of myself (I am my biggest critic!!), so we’ll see how everything turns out.

In regards to my own personal work…I have so many ideas and I can’t wait until they come to fruition. I have a family shoot the day after xmas, another one in the a.m. on New Year’s Eve…and from there on out I don’t have anything scheduled, but I’m sure things will come up. Several things that are goals for this winter time: I would like to independently study my Photoshop book to see if I can pass my Image Editing class via a test. I would like to save myself the $400.00 plus dollars on tuition for that class. I would like to continue to be involved in the several photographers’ groups in my area, so I can stay in touch and up to date on any and all events, and also to be able to collaborate with other photographer’s in projects and whatnots. I would like to do a little modeling, just for the fun of it. Last, but never least, continue shooting and reading tutorials, asking questions and for help where I need it and hope to god people don’t get annoyed with my need to ask and learn. The internet is such a good tool for research, but I am also a chatter box, so I like to sit down with peeps that may have more experience than me and pick their brains.

Since the year 2010 is almost over, I decided to post the 10 most prominent events that took place and that made this year a toughie but a goody.
1. I got my equipment to start my career. Mr. Big came in the mail mid-January (Mr. Big being my Canon 5d Mark II, tee hee) and my Mac Pro followed suit a couple days after…so I had fun playing with my new toys at the beginning of the year.
2. I went to my first STUN photoshoot (now known as Fototeria); Heavy Metal. That was a lot of fun, although I was very insecure in my skills as a photographer…I will probably revisit those shoots in the near future.
3. Due to not having a stable household, I had to move like 4 times this year….needless to say I am happy I found a great place to live with a wonderful man.
4. Finding a wonderful man. (I know this is not photography related, but I’m sure many of you are aware that a supportive family is key to a successful career!!)
5. Starting school. I have been attending Northeast Wisconsin Technical College since 2004. I took a business class or marketing class here and there…never interested me enough…However, at the start of 2010 I took the first course to complete my Digital Photography Certificate. I’ve attended every single class, I look forward to them and I am usually one of the last to leave. This tells me that this is something I will truly enjoy doing for the rest of my days.
6. I found a “day job” that’s easy, pays well and doesn’t take up my entire day or life.
7. I’ve met some wonderful friends, business connections, and mentors.
8. I adopted a dog from the humane society who is the shizzle.
9. My mom came to visit me! Believe me, that’s an accomplishment!!
10. My photography has improved by leaps and bounds!! Now, I’m fully aware that one shouldn’t boast, but when I look at the first photographs I took when I went to that photography workshop in Phoenix, AZ where I decided to become what I am, and compare to recent work…well I just can’t help but notice the difference. The composition is better, the color harmony, the stories, and the subject matter are more interesting…everything about them is better.

I feel better as an artist, I feel less anxiety in my life and I’m more confident…and if that’s not a great ending to the year…well, I don’t know what is!!!


One comment

  1. Sirios · December 23, 2010

    Por lo tanto, usted está en una fase de expansión en la actualidad. Y es bueno. Pero ignorar a alguien a quien no le gusta por ser “vanidoso”? Eh, chica? Usted necesita asegurarse de que ir a hablar con todos, y no sólo que va a hacer algo bueno en el futuro. Es necesario dar seguimiento a que se han hecho amistades, y quien ha hecho amistad con usted.

    Esto es lo que se llama: “Ser una verdadera mujer.” Usted está haciendo bien. Es bueno. Pero asegúrese de recordar que las personas han animado para usted y entonces usted se han apresurado en sus raíces a decir “ah – No voy a tolerar eso”. Y es bueno ser amable.

    Su talento está ahí. Que seas siempre tan seguros. Jejejejeeeeee

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