Waffles the Puppy

Some people wonder what kind of images they can get with a Mini Session… Well, this is a prime example! A new puppy is a great excuse to get some new photos made! You can get some family style portraits within a budget that’s not going to break the bank! Abby and Justin called me to do just that. They had recently added Waffles to their family and wanted photos to keep as a memento. Here are some of my favorite images of their Mini session!


Hamilton Wood Type Museum

Recently, I made arrangements to volunteer my services to the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. I wanted to try my hand at some environmental portraits and thought that would be an awesome location to to showcase, plus it helps a cool organization to keep the art of print alive (something I have a deep affection for).

I was super happy with the results of my time there and I wanted to share some of the images I made. The volunteers are truly awesome people and making their portrait was super fun. In addition I really love adding more of the environment to complete the story of the image. Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy the images!!


The Leurquin’s Xmas!

Recently I was asked by Heather to make their Christmas Card photos. Of course, I had to bring some props to make some fun images! We had fun joking around while taking the photos…and then I pulled out the masks!!

Check out my favorite shots and don’t forget to call if you want to have fun Christmas Card images for the Holidays!!

Nordland_H 2015_11_08-097Nordland_H 2015_11_08-101Nordland_H 2015_11_08-092Nordland_H 2015_11_08-103

Emily’s Canine Clips… a new business on the rise!

I’ve known Emily for quite a few years and she has just started a new business as a dog groomer! She needed some images that showed her interacting with her clients’ pets and were able to demonstrate how much she loves animals. She called me and I was thrilled to be a part of her new brand! (of course I got to hang out with puppies for a little bit and that melted my heart and left me in such a good mood!!) Congratulations on becoming an entrepreneur, Emily! I wish you all the success in the world! IMG_6529




Emily’s Sneak Peek

Badass HS Senior Sessions done upon request and they are my favorite! Emily is an awesome drummer and her tastes really came through in her Senior session!! NO boring, plain background for her! So, when she called me and asked me to be her photographer, I knew we were meant to work together! Congratulations Emily! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!! Here’s your sneak peek!! Enjoy!